Best Bowie Knife
Best Bowie Knife

The best Bowie knife has a long history, and what you need to know is that it can be used for more than just hunting. It’s great for camping, hiking, fishing, survival or any other outdoor activity. If you want the best Bowie knife money can buy then this article will help!

A cheap Bowie knife is a large fixed blade that has been used for hunting, fishing, and camping. The first Bowie knife was created by James Black in the early 1800’s. There are many stories of how the design came to be but it can be agreed upon that Jim Bowie made this knife popular.

A lot of people believe the name comes from Jim himself but it actually came from his brother Rezin who designed the original pattern. This famous knife has evolved into many different versions over time with different sizes, shapes, weights etc.

If you’re looking for an affordable Bowie knife, this article will get you started by providing the top 10 best Bowie knives. In addition to the list of ten great blades, we’ll also provide some tips on what makes a good Bowie knife. We hope that this post is informative and helps in your quest to find the perfect blade!

Best Budget Bowie Knife in 2022

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1 .Bowie Perkin Knife

  • Editors Rank : 10/10
  • Blade length : 8.5 ″
  • Metal used : Ball bearing steel

The blade of this best bowie knife is made from ball bearing steel which can be called 440C or SAE 52100. Both types of steel can be considered good quality and have a high carbon content to make it extra tough. Bearing steel is also strong and can bring the knife to a hardness scale of 58-59 HRC.

The blade is 8.5 “long while the total length of the best bowie knife is 13.5″. The handle is made from Pakka wood, which is a common wood used to make knife handles. The knife also has a full tang, which means that the handle and blade are one solid piece. You also get a leather sheath along with the knife.

2. Wild Turkey Handmade

  • Editors Rank : 8/10
  • Blade length : 11.25 ″
  • Metal used : High carbon stainless steel

This Wild Turkey Handmade Bowie Knife is a good quality best bowie knife where you can use its long blade to cut almost anything. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel and is 11.25 ″ long, which is a very long blade compared to the Perkin. It also has the name “Wild Turkey Handmade” engraved on the blade.

The handle is made of two wooden boards that are attached with rivets. The best bowie knife is also a full tang knife. The knife has a wide guard to protect the fingers. The handle has a prominent knob on the back to prevent it from slipping out of hand.

3 .Moorhaus D2

  • Editors’ Ranking : 9/10
  • Blade length : 9.5 ″
  • Metal used : D2 Steel

The Moorhaus D2 Bowie knife is going to be the highest valued and highest priced best bowie knife (for good reason). The blade is made from D2 tool steel, which is very hard, strong, and will retain the edge for a long time. The blade is also 9.5 ″ long and has the Moorhaus name engraved on it. The knife has a hardness rating of 60-62HRC, which is high.

The manufacturers even polished the blade very well. The handle was sticking out for me, and you’ll soon see why. It is made from Micarta, which is a mark for a combination of materials used together. The handle has multi-colored stripes. This best bowie knife may not have the best grip, and it does not have a prominent pommel. You will also receive a leather case.

4.Poshland REG 215

  • Editors Rank : 8/10
  • Blade length : 9 ″
  • Used metal : 1095 / 15N20 (Damascus steel)

This Poshland best bowie knife is one of the few high-quality Damascus steel blades you’ll find. The blade is made from a combination of 1095 and 15N20 steel. This combination of two types of steel are welded and folded several times to give it around 176 layers.

These layers are responsible for the beautiful damask pattern visible on the blade. The blade is also 9 inches long.This best bowie knife has a hardness of around HRC 58-60, which is good.

The handle is made of Marandi wood along with brass spacers that will give it an excellent grip. You will find a finger guard between the handle and the blade to protect your fingers. When the best bowie knife is not in use, you can also store it inside the leather sheath (which is included).

5.King of the Knife

  • Editors’ Ranking : 9/10
  • Blade length : 9.5 ″
  • Used metal : 15N25 / 1075 (Damascus steel)

This best bowie knife King product is also a Damascus steel blade that has more delicate patterns than the Poshland REG 215. One possible reason is that it has more layers than the aforementioned Bowie knife. It is also made of different steels, which are 15N25 and 1075. The blade is also reasonably hard with a hardness of 58-60 HRC.

The length of the blade is also 9.5 inches, which is longer than the Poshland REG 215. The handle is made of walnut wood that has a prominent brass finger guard and a pommel on the back. This combination of handle features will give you a first-class grip ideal for outdoor activities.

How To Choose Best Bowie Knife in 2022


Bowie Knives are a type of knife with short, light blades that work for many purposes. They’re best suited to outdoor uses such as mincing and cutting tasks but they also have enough control when necessary in order to perform more difficult endeavors like sharpening stakes or making ambushes/snares from rungs cut on an animal’s hide before removing them all together skinning it out after killing it.

Bowie Knives are popular among outdoorsmen for their light mince, cutting tasks and batoning abilities. They also provide enough control over both the tip and edge of a blade to perform more tricky uses such as sharpening stakes or making ambushes with snares in them.

Bowie knives are well known for their ability to handle tasks that require light mincing, cutting and batoning. The blade length should be around 7 to 9 inches so it can perform these necessary actions with enough control in both tip work as well the edge of the knife when needed most such like removing hide from harvested game animals or even sharpening stakes!


The blade design is another important factor when choosing the right bowie knife. A clip point will provide better tip control, whereas a drop or straight back can be more suitable for outdoors activities with an emphasis on cutting tasks that require precision and power instead of piercing options like hunting knives typically entail.

The blade design is another important factor when choosing the right bowie knife. Clip pointblades are often times considered one of, if not THE best choice for good tip control and penetration purposes in a survival situation – which makes them perfect to take along on outdoor adventures like hunting or fishing trips.

A clip-point shape can also help you maintain edge retention during use (especially when faced with natural objects such as wood) while still providing enough cutting power at your disposal; these qualities make it an easy all around utility tool that will be sure come handy whatever task might arise from day-to Standing Straight: Drop Points provide greater leverage than other styles do because they have both sharper tips AND stronger bases so they’re great choices.


The design of the edge is another factor to consider when choosing a Bowie knife. Most of these knives feature a straight, long blade that extends from handle towards its base; this best for general-purpose use due because it can both slice and carve things up nicely with minimum fuss or bother.

However – though similar in appearance to some other types like recurved blades (which are well suited for mincing)–the concave curve at one end does not make it particularly good at mince cutting tasks like herb processing where you would want something more pointy than flat on either side so as get through your ingredients quickly without too much effort put into each individual task!

The other factor to consider while choosing a Bowie knife is its design. Most of the time, these blades feature a straight edge that extends from handle-to-belly with both slicing and carving qualities for general purpose use; however it’s not as well suited for mincing tasks due to having an excessively sharp curve near where your hand would rest on one side which can cause injury if used carelessly or without protective gloves (or equivalent).


The blade of your best Bowie knives should be made from carbon steel or stainless steel to ensure durability. However, with many experiments and tests showing mixed results in comparison to one another’s qualities when selecting a material for crafting said blades.

Nowadays most outdoorsmen opt towards carrying their large machetes rather than small pocket knives because they can handle various tasks such as slightly chopping vegetables while also slicing them up into bite size pieces if needed!

However, with many experiments and tests showing mixed results in comparison to one another’s qualities when selecting a material for crafting said blades; nowadays most outdoorsmen opt towards carrying their large machetes rather than small pocket knives because they can handle various tasks such as slightly chopping vegetables while also slicing them up into bite size pieces if needed.


A Full Tang is the strongest type of knife tang because it extends all the way across a handle’s width and into its length. A hidden- or partial -tang expands nearly up to but not quite past where you attach handles onto blades with either epoxy or pins, which makes them less strong than full tans.

however, these designs still provide an excellent balance between strength and security in terms of securing your cutting tool from slipping off during use.For those who want the strength of a full tang, but don’t need to hide their knife in order for it be legal (or not), there is partial tanging.

Partial Tangs are more narrow than full tangs and expand only slightly up until they meet at their joint section where pins or epoxy will secure them together permanently so this type can also provide some measure against corrosion on metal parts over time; however because these designs involve less material overall compared with Full Tanges–meaning thinner handle pads-,they won’t hold up quite as well when put under stress like heavy-duty use.


There are many things to consider when choosing a Bowie knife; however, it’s important that you also take into account the handle material and design.  The best handles should be ergonomic so they provide control over both cutting edges as well as how far down your fingers go onto each side of the blade which allows for greater hand retention while using this type of tool in wet conditions .

if there was something heavy attached just below where one would hold on during use (such cases usually involve being pulled away from whatever task at hand). They can have grooves cut out similar too those found on sports bats – these allow moisture to evaporate faster through regular contact making handling easier since hands won’t get sticky between uses.

The handle is the part of a knife that gives you control and balances. It should be designed so it’s ergonomic, retaining water when needed for tasks such as cutting or chopping food with greater ease than if no handle was present at all; but also providing enough traction on slippery surfaces like glass to keep from slipping while holding onto whatever task needs completing.


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