Novice Guide: Spyderco Knife

Spyderco is a renowned name in the knife industry, highly regarded for producing innovative and high-quality knives used by outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and professionals worldwide. If you’re new to Spyderco or knife collecting, this novice guide will help you understand why these knives are highly praised and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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Spyderco, an artist imagination.

Introduction to Spyderco

Founded in 1976, Spyderco has built its reputation on innovation and quality. The Colorado-based company is credited with pioneering many features that have become standard in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. The latter, a circular hole in the blade that allows for an easy, one-handed opening, is now synonymous with the Spyderco brand.

Spyderco Knife Range

Spyderco boasts a wide range of knives to cater to various needs. Their product line includes:

spyderco folding knife
  1. Folding Knives: Spyderco’s folding knives are what put them on the map. These knives are portable and versatile and come in various sizes and styles. From the compact Dragonfly to the robust Paramilitary 2, there’s a folding knife for every need.
  2. Fixed Blade Knives: Spyderco’s fixed blade knives are known for their durability and reliability. These knives are designed for more rigorous tasks and are often used in survival situations or by professionals in the field.
  3. Kitchen Knives: Spyderco doesn’t just make knives for the outdoors; they also have a range of high-quality kitchen knives. These knives combine Spyderco’s innovative design with culinary necessities.

Choosing a Spyderco Knife

When choosing a Spyderco knife, consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose: Are you looking for a versatile everyday carry (EDC) knife, a robust outdoor survival knife, or a precise kitchen knife? Your needs will dictate the best choice for you.
  2. Size: Spyderco knives come in various sizes. Smaller knives like the Dragonfly are great for EDC and simple tasks, while larger knives like the Spyderco Military are better suited for heavy-duty tasks.
  3. Blade Steel: Spyderco uses a range of high-quality steels for their blades, each with its strengths. For example, VG-10 is known for its excellent edge retention, while H1 steel is virtually rust-proof, making it perfect for maritime use.
  4. Handle Material: Spyderco uses various materials for their handles, including G-10, FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon), carbon fiber, and more. The choice depends on your grip, feel, weight, and aesthetic preference.
  5. Price: Spyderco offers knives across different price ranges. While their knives are generally considered good value for the money due to their quality and performance, choosing a knife within your budget is essential.

Caring for Your Spyderco Knife

Proper care will extend the lifespan of your Spyderco knife. Regular cleaning, proper sharpening, and oiling (for folding knives) are all crucial. In addition, Spyderco knives are designed to be user-serviceable, meaning you can typically disassemble, clean, and maintain them yourself.

Highly Rated Spyderco Knife

Spyderco is a trusted name in the knife industry, known for its high-quality and innovative designs. This review will look at three popular models: the Spyderco Delica 4, Endura 4, and Matriarch 2.

spyderco delica 4

1. Spyderco Delica 4

For a good reason, the Delica 4 is one of Spyderco’s best-selling models. This folding knife is perfect for everyday carry, expertly balancing size, weight, and functionality. With a blade length of 2.9 inches, it’s compact enough to carry comfortably but still large enough for various tasks.

The VG-10 stainless steel blade ensures excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle, made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), is durable and provides a secure grip.

The Delica 4 also features Spyderco’s signature round hole for easy, one-handed opening and a back-lock mechanism for safety. In addition, a four-position pocket clip allows for versatile carry options. If you’re seeking a reliable, versatile everyday carry knife, the Delica 4 is hard to beat.

2. Spyderco Endura 4

spyderco endura 4

The Endura 4 is another flagship model from Spyderco, considered a larger alternative to the Delica 4. The blade length is around 3.8 inches and is made of VG-10 steel, providing excellent cutting performance and durability.

Like the Delica, the Endura 4 features an FRN handle, providing a firm and comfortable grip. The longer blade and handle make it suitable for more extensive cutting tasks while still being lightweight enough for everyday carry.

The Endura 4 also features the trademark round hole and back-lock mechanism, ensuring safety and ease of use. In addition, the four-position pocket clip allows for various carry options. If you prefer a larger EDC knife or need one for more substantial tasks, the Endura 4 could be your go-to.

3. Spyderco Matriarch 2

spyderco matriarch 2

The Matriarch 2 stands out with its distinct reverse “S” shaped blade, designed primarily for self-defense. In addition, it employs Spyderco’s patented SpyderEdge serration pattern, which increases the cutting edge’s length and enhances the blade’s cutting ability, especially on fibrous materials.

The blade, measuring around 3.57 inches, is made from VG-10 steel, providing excellent sharpness and edge retention. In addition, the Matriarch 2 borrows the lightweight FRN handle from the Endura 4, making it comfortable and secure to hold.

Despite its aggressive design, the Matriarch 2 also features the Spyderco round hole and back-lock mechanism for easy operation and safety. So if you’re looking for a defensive carry knife or a tool capable of heavy-duty cutting tasks, the Matriarch 2 is a compelling choice.

Note: All three Spyderco models – Delica 4, Endura 4, and Matriarch 2 – bring something unique. They all uphold Spyderco’s reputation for quality, performance, and innovation. Your choice among these three will depend on your specific needs and preferences: a versatile EDC, a larger workhorse, or a specialized defensive tool. Each knife showcases Spyderco’s commitment to functional design and user-friendly features.


Spyderco knives are more than just cutting tools; they represent a commitment to quality, innovation, and functionality. Starting your journey with a Spyderco knife can be exciting and rewarding for a novice. Whether you’re a budding outdoor enthusiast, a culinary master in the making, or someone looking for a reliable everyday carry, a Spyderco knife is just right for you.

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