Best Brisket Knife
Best Brisket Knife

The right tool for the right job. Setting out to buy a brisket knife can seem like a daunting task.  In the case of cooking brisket, there are a number of things to consider. When preparing meat that is less meaty, such as fish, a thin knife would be the most appropriate choice as it would allow for a more precise and delicate cut.

This is not the case with an item such as brisket. A brisket is quite a substantial piece of meat, requiring a more substantial knife with a curved blade to ensure that the meat is properly sliced and not torn. A good example of a knife that can be used to slice brisket with ease. A serrated blade is great for cutting through thick cuts of meat and creates a clean edge. Blunt edges will need to be sharpened every few cuts, but the blade is heavier.

What is the Best Brisket Knife? Brisket knives are designed for cutting beef briskets. They are long, strong, flexible, and shaped like a dagger. Briskets knives are the only knives that are recommended for cutting beef briskets. They are also the only knives that are used for this task.

Best Budget Cleaver Knife in 2022

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1. Dalstrong Shogun Series 12″

This is the Dalstrong Shogun 12″ Pistol Edge Slicing Knife. This knife contains very sharp blades that are designed to cut through meat like no other knife (to the best of your knowledge) can.

The long blade also makes it easy to cut larger pieces of food than the average knife.

The blades are sharp, factory-tested, and they can really bring out the best flavors of any dish that you wish to cook with them. The handle is made with G10, A premium G-10 handle is impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. The aesthetically beautiful knife offers precision which is priceless. Aesthetically, the knife is also beautiful and almost looks like a piece of art.

A premium G10 handle is impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. The knife’s 12-inch blade is perfect for brisket trimming. Heavy-duty moisture-resistant G10 handles enable the Joi to withstand contact with most surfaces. The look might not be fancy, but the function never lets you down.

  • 12″ blade length is ideal for brisket slicing and other carving needs
  • The blade is of the highest quality – incredibly sharp and durable
  • Completely balanced
  • The Dalstrong is on the expensive end of the spectrum.

2. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife is a knife where the blade has been comprised of high carbon stainless steel and these specialized serrations on the blade make.

it the best Swiss army knife when it comes to precision slicing of produce that you work within the kitchen.

This knife is perfect and the slicing and precision and it have a lifetime warranty which means you never have to purchase another knife and can keep it for good. This knife has a high-carbon stain-resistant steel blade and its ergonomic, non-slip textured handle provides the confidence you need to cut unaware of – or with – your hands.

So don’t forget your Victorinox knife It’s good quality and worth the money and would make. It aids in easy, clean, perfectly smooth cuts up to 7″ long. Make your cooking so simple, so elegant! The hefty polypropylene knife scabbard is indispensable for protecting the knife during transport and storage.

  • Victorinox is a trusted brand with a long history of quality
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle design
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Honestly, nothing to complain about here.

3. Mercer Culinary Millennia Granton Edge Slicer, 14-Inch

This is the Mercer Culinary Millennia Granton Edge Slicer – right off the bat, we’ll tell you that this is one long knife.

The blade is 14 inches, but the overall length including the handle is 22(!!) inches, with the extra length coming in really useful if you are cooking briskets or other large pieces of meat.

The Mercer Granton Edge Slicer is quite lightweight and the length isn’t too noticeable, with it being well packaged in. This incredible, sizable and efficient kitchen tool is an essential and powerful addition to any kitchen, as it can cut cleanly through the meat of all thicknesses.

This unique knife also has a Granton Edge, or dish-shaped teeth, for even or circular slices. Do you ever want to prepare an entire brisket for an event but maybe don’t have the tools for the task? The blade is carbon steel with a Granton edge for blade sharpness and is crafted from a single piece of steel.

  • Nicely balanced and lightweight
  • Ergonomic and safe non-slip handle design
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • None

4. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer, 12″

One of the top go-to knives for Aaron Franklin of the world-famous Franklin Barbecue is the Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer and with good reason.

The sanitary cutlery gives bartenders and chefs a great way to slice brisket and other meats without having to worry about cross-contaminating food or contamination from their hands.

. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Scall A food slicer specially designed with a serrated blade, available in 7″, 9″, and 12″ lengths with a pistol grip and cutting platform for increased safety, is scientifically engineered to dress poultry and red meat.

Especially for those looking to try their hand at smoking their own brisket, this knife is indispensable. The Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer. Young says, “For a quarter-inch thickness. I’m a big fan of a Dexter-Russell scalloped slicer.

  • 12″ blade with scalloped design slices through brisket super easily
  • High carbon steel blade and handle can withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • Super easy to clean
  • Expensively

5. Dexter-Russell Boning Knife

The Dexter-Russell 6″ Boning Knife is a perfect example of a great brisket trimming knife that has a 6″ flexible blade and is perfect for getting underneath and manipulating fat and skin that needs to be trimmed off of a brisket.

A shorter blade makes it easy to maneuver and is flexible when working around difficult parts of the brisket.

This one has extremely precise cuts with the blade and will make grinding your rails and butterfat much easier. A 6″ flexible blade is perfect for getting underneath fat and silver skin portions of your brisket that need to be trimmed off.

This knife can make extremely precise cuts while being short enough to maneuver easily, and being flexible enough to work around difficult portions of the brisket. The blade is the perfect size to make sure you can trim all areas of your meat, but it can also make precise cuts for table presentation.

  • High Material
  • safe handle
  • lightweight
  • Expensive

How To Choose Best Brisket Knife in 2022


A brisket knife should be kept as sharp as possible so that it can cut cleanly through perfect slices of brisket. But even if you take care of the knife, if it comes out of the packaging dull then it still might not be its sharpest.

A dull blade may cause a dull or smashed bark – or ragged crunchy surface formed. Sharpness is a very important quality to have in a meal, especially if the components like the fat and proteins need to be cut by your knife.


The weight of your knife is important in regards to actually use it. If you have a very lightweight knife, you’ll have an easier time using this for a long period of time than if it was a heaver. The most important point.

however, is that the blade is well balanced and that you actually like the way it feels. Choosing the right weight for a brisket knife is essential as it will not only make you feel more comfortable while working with it but also help you make better cuts.


Lengthy knives are a common trend in the kitchen, which explains why many people tend to choose long knives over short ones. The lengthier the knife, the easier it is to cut across your food, regardless of what you’re slicing.

All of this is of course common sense, but there’s more to consider when choosing your perfect length. For larger cuts of meat, like briskets, longer knives are recommended by most chefs. As the test subject, so to speak, I could definitely say that these lengthy blades were some of the best knives I’d used to date.


However, materials are considered a vital part of quality, and cheap knives won’t be able to hold an edge longer than a day. The knife material used, regardless of blade composition, will help determine how strong and sharp the blade is.

As the name suggests, carbon steel has a higher carbon content which means that it is harder compared to stainless steel. This means that when it comes to other properties like toughness, or rather, its susceptibility to wear, stainless is definitely the top choice, whereas hardness is where carbon wins.

Handle Comfort & Safety

Independently, they bring immense importance to Comfort. The Handle is optimized to the fullest possible degree, bringing about exceptional Grip, comfort, and ergonomics for a wide range of hand sizes- yours included.

It’s no secret that I am a dreamer. But I’m also not alone. I believe that someday you, too, will join us, and together we will make this world a better place.


A brisket is a cut of meat that is difficult to cook thoroughly without opening the meat up to the uncontrollable variables that are present inside the closed chamber. A brisket knife is a specialized butcher’s knife that is used to cut across the grain of the meat. These knives are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the various types of meat cuts.


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