Novice Guide: Stiletto Switchblade Knife

The stiletto switchblade is a type of folding knife and was originally designed as a self-defense weapon by Italian Army Major Antonio Fabbri in 1926. The word “stiletto” refers to its narrow shape, resembling the thrusting sword stiletto. Stilettos are sometimes referred to as switchblades, but this is not technically correct since “switchblade” refers only to knives that open with a button or flip your wrist.

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What is a stiletto switchblade?

A stiletto switchblade is a knife that opens with the push of a button or flip of the wrist and is designed for easy use. It’s also called a push knife because it can be opened by pushing on its spine.

Stilettos are popular among collectors and knife enthusiasts. They were first produced in Italy in the late 1800s but gained popularity in America during World War II when soldiers used them as backup weapons while fighting against Germany and Japan overseas.

Origin of the stiletto switchblade


The stiletto switchblade knife has a folding blade that can be quickly opened and locked into place by pressing a button. “Stiletto” comes from the Italian word “dagger” and was first used in the 14th century. It was originally used as a weapon and tool, so some still use these knives today. 

Gangsters popularized switchblades during World War II and used them as weapons while fighting in Europe and Asia. After the war ended, many countries passed laws banning or restricting their use; however, some states within the United States still allow switchblade ownership if certain conditions are met (for example: if they’re over a certain length).

Why are they called stilettos?

You may be wondering why these knives are called stilettos. In fashion, “stiletto” refers to a narrow heel on a shoe that can be worn with or without stockings. It’s a popular style among women who want their feet to look great at night and partying with friends.

The same principle applies to switchblades: these small blades have long, thin handles that make them easy to open with one hand (hence their nickname). As a result, you can use your free hand for other things like carrying groceries or opening doors–or even defending yourself if necessary!

How do you use a stiletto switchblade?

Press the button on top of the handle to open a stiletto switchblade. Then, to close it, press that same button again.

You may have heard that stiletto switchblades are dangerous weapons and can be used for self-defense purposes. While this is true in some cases, keep in mind that they’re illegal in many states and countries–and even if they weren’t illegal where you live, carrying one around could potentially make you look suspicious to law enforcement officials who don’t know what they are or how they work!

  • Cold Steel
  • Benchmade
  • Microtech
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Boker, and many others.

Stilettos are costly, but they are a good investment. As a result, they are a good choice for self-defense and protection. Stilettos are popular with law enforcement officers because they’re small and easy to carry around and use when needed but still dangerous enough to be effective in most situations.


A stiletto switchblade is a knife that opens with the push of a button or flip of the wrist and is designed for easy use. They come in many different styles and are made from various materials, so you can find one that perfectly matches your needs.

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