2022 Best Seller List: 10 Best Pocket Knife

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  • Nail groove
  • Wood grain
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Materials: Stainless steel, wood grain, brass
  • Source: Amazon Official Store

This high-quality folding knife is a traditional design made by artisans with an eye for detail. This famous Buck’s pocket knife has a 3 ¾ »inch long 420HC stainless steel folding locking clip blade.

The razor design has a very sharp tip that provides excellent control, making this razor a great choice for detailed work, drilling and cutting.

The razor blade has a notch in the nail, which makes it easy and safe to open. In addition, the locking mechanism ensures that the blade remains open and that you have strength and security while you work.

The handle of this razor is made from classic grain wood with brass reinforcements to provide a sleek look that remains balanced. In addition, the wood grain has been sealed to ensure it feels smooth in your grip and will not give you any splinters.

The stainless steel blade will ensure this razor maintains its sharpness and is corrosion-resistant. In addition, the blade has been hardened to Rc 58 and can be easily re-sharpened.

The pocket knife has a genuine leather protective sheath with snap closure. The snap fastener ensures that this knife can be easily attached to a belt for convenient carrying and quick access.

With this Buck Knives design, you will get an excellent pocket knife that will be eye-catching and add to your style.


  • Glass switch in design
  • A variety of designs are available
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 9 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Source: Amazon

This is a spring-loaded blade that allows you to release this blade with one hand quickly. This series of Assisted Opening by TAC Force is characterized by having a semi-automatic stainless steel blade.

The handle is aluminium and features a bottle opener and glass breaker in the design. In addition, there is a liner lock that ensures the blade remains open.

Additionally, this pocket knife comes with a carrying case with a pocket clip to ensure easy portability and quick access. The style of this knife is more tactical and can be easily attached to a cord.

There are a variety of colours available so that you can customize the look. For example, some blades are black, while others are traditional stainless steel. If you want a pop style, an iridescent foil option is available.


  • Ambidextrous thumb knobs
  • Black oxide
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.3 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Materials: Black oxide, aluminium
  • Source: Amazon

This Smith and Wesson tactical folding knife is a high-quality pocket knife with durability, safety and reliability. The blade is made of black oxide, and the handle of black aluminium.

You will have quick and easy access because this design includes a pocket clip. The razor also has an index fin and is ambidextrous. Therefore, a dominant left or right-hand person can use the thumb knobs. A liner lock also ensures that the blade remains open and does not disengage during use.

The blade of this razor also has a serrated and serrated edge. The straight and serrated edge gives this pocket knife more versatility to ensure you can use it in everyday use.

You can easily cut slices from an object and see your way through the string. Smith and Wesson ensure you can trust this blade and its design for any situation.



  • Highly anticorrosive and anti-wear
  • Low profile
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Materials: Stainless steel, carbon, aluminium
  • Source: Amazon

Kershaw’s Speedsafe Assisted Opening Pocketclip allows for easy one-handed opening due to the thumb shape in the design. This folding pocket knife is also reversible and can be carried tip up or down due to the pre-drilled holes.

The razor blade is held in place by locking the liner, and the high-quality grip gives you a secure grip and the ability to carry this razor in all environments. In addition, this is an extremely slim pocket knife, which means you can easily carry it on various adventures.

The pocket knife can be used by hunters, fishermen, and any man in the open air. This razor is also excellent for use in water, including salt water.

The pocket knife is a high-quality pocket knife with a high-quality working design. The blade is slightly curved, which makes it ideal for multitasking. You can easily cut and drill with this high-quality pocket knife. In addition, Kershaw makes sure that your blade offers consistency and reliability.

The blade is low profile and anticorrosive thanks to its stainless steel design. In addition, the blade is coated with carbon, making it even stronger with high resistance to corrosion and wear.

The properties of this blade give it qualities similar to those of a natural diamond and a surprisingly attractive razor design. The handle saves weight as it is made of anodized aluminium, which gives it a striking dark colour. With this pocket knife, you will enjoy your adventures in style and safety.


  • Synthetic handle
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Materials: Stainless steel, synthetic
  • Source: Amazon

This Stockman Sheepskin Blade Pocket Knife features a traditional razor design with multiple blades on a single handle. These blades are made of very sharp stainless steel. The handle is synthetic and designed to handle a load of work.

This pocket knife is an excellent high-quality pocket knife for workers. The handle is brown and easily accommodates the three different blades, each with its design.

The three blades included in this design are the clip, the sheep’s foot, and the spey or pen. The Clip Sheet is a great multi-purpose sheet design offering great detail. The blade is also great for slicing and chopping.

The lambskin blade is great for around the house and can easily carve wood or cut a rope. You can use this blade for carving or even small electrical tasks. The spey blade, or a pencil, is a multi-purpose blade that can easily cope with everyday tasks and light cuts.

The stainless steel blades keep their sharpness and have a high degree of anti-corrosion. The case’s stainless steel also has a carbon coating to keep the edge longer. With this blade, you can easily perform any daily task.

This high-quality folding knife is an excellent choice for hiking or hunting. You can be sure that you will enjoy the versatility of this blade on whatever adventure you choose.


  • Flat grinding blade
  • Satin Finish Sheet
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Materials: Steel
  • Source: Amazon

This Ontario Knife slim pocket knife is a great choice for a clean, minimalist design. This pocket knife has an open construction, which means you can easily clean it, and its blade is made of AUS-8 steel.

The blade has a flat ground, satin finish and 55-56 HRC hardness. The sash is held with the liner lock and easily opened with one hand with the thumb. Thanks to its design, this knife has excellent control to make clean and precise cuts.

The blade also features a 4-way clip position and lanyard hole to ensure safe and easy transport. So you can quickly access your pocket knife and carry it however you want.

The clip lets you decide which side you want to carry the knife on, left or right and whether you want the tip to face up or down. This versatility means you can feel completely comfortable using your best pocket knife.


  • The bidirectional texture on the grip
  • 4-position pocket clip
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Materials: Nylon, steel
  • Source: Amazon

If you want a slim and light pocket knife, the Delica folding knife from Spyderco is an excellent choice. This high-quality pocket knife has a one-handed opening, a refined steel blade, and a strong point.

Four screws hold this design together, ensuring the blade can be easily maintained and cleaned. The handle is nylon and features a bi-directional texture to offer a secure grip and maximum traction.

You can carry the pocket knife with the 4-position pocket clip or attach a lanyard. This knife is ideal for everyday carry and you can be sure that with Spyderco you will be investing in a long-lasting blade.


  • Double blood groove
  • Belt cutter in handle design
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Materials: High Carbon Black Oxide, Aluminum
  • Source: Amazon

This Smith and Wesson Border Guard Folding Knife is a high-quality folding knife for outdoor survival and daily carry. This slim pocket knife has a high carbon black oxide blade with a black aluminium handle.

The handle has Trac-Tec inserts to mould to your fingertips, making you feel more secure when using your razor. The grip is also textured to have a bit of hand and grip traction.

The blade is quickly and easily released with the ambidextrous thumb knobs. Using the pocket clip, you can also easily store and access your best pocket knife. The blade is secure when opened with the liner lock.

There is also a straight edge on this blade and a serrated section. The serrated section is ideal for quickly cutting through the rope. This folding pocket knife also features dual blood grooves, a glass breaker, and a strap cutter.

You can use the glass and strap cutter in an emergency to free yourself from a car if it is trapped. The strap cutter can easily cut any seat belt in a time of need. This knife would make an excellent first-aid tool.

Smith and Wesson make sure their design is eye-catching and practical. So whether you are a pocket knife collector, survivor, or lifeguard, you can be sure that this knife will easily complete tasks and even save lives.


  • Fatigue-free cutting
  • 4-way clip
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Materials: Steel, black laminate
  • Source: Amazon

This Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife is made of the highest quality materials to ensure you have a knife you feel confident with and love using.

Spyderco tests all its knives for quality and durability to give you the best product. This slim pocket knife has a clean, minimal design that has been ergonomically milled.

The pocket knife has a G-10 black laminate handle, guaranteeing a fatigue-free cut. Inside the handle are skeletonized steel liners that increase the rigidity and strength of the design. However, it does not add nonessential weight or thickness.

The blade is stainless steel and has a non-reflective black coating. The blade is ground flat from the spine to the cutting edge for a continuous cut.

With Spyderco’s curve of the blade and round hole design, you can open and close this blade easily and safely. In addition, the blade is held in place by a 4-way pocket clip, which means that you can hold the blade in various positions.

The clip also allows you to customize how your razor is drawn to your preferences. For example, some prefer to bring the blade tip up or down. You can also bring the clip on the right or left side of the blade and your body.

With Spyderco’s design, you are guaranteed to be investing in a reliable and durable blade. With the highest quality materials, this razor will last you through the years.


  • Double groove
  • Belt cutter in handle design
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Materials: High Carbon Black Oxide, Aluminum
  • Source: Amazon

This Columbia River Knife and Tool folding pocket knife has a sleek design. This slim pocket knife has a high-carbon stainless steel blade, which provides great strength and maintains its sharpness.

You can easily sharpen the blade in the field. The razor has a slim, spear-tipped profile and a razor-sharp edge.

Smith and Wesson make sure their design is eye-catching and practical. 


How Many Blades

The number of blades on a knife can be difficult to decide, especially for those who have never used one. One blade gives you the most functionality, but if that’s what you want, it might only suit your needs at some times or in situations where multiple tools are beneficial.

When going out hunting and needing something more specific than just “a carving knife”, getting two separate ones instead could help keep things cleaner. Keeping them apart from each other so they don’t get mixed up with anything else when laying down food sources like dead animals, which would ruin any chances at success without cleaning equipment beforehand!

If going with just one means getting the perfect tool for only certain tasks (like carving), then there’s no need to have multiple knives that can do everything from killing prey to cutting up veggies.

Carrying It Around

When you buy a pocketknife, it’s important to think about the best way to carry it. Take time and read reviews from other customers before deciding what type of carrier will work for you most easily.

Look at which styles fit safety concerns and personal taste in aesthetics- sometimes, one knife may have more features than another, but this matters little if they’re uncomfortable.

Pocket knives are an amazing tool for everyday cooks. However, if you’re carrying one around, now is a good time to figure out how it locks and whether or not that’s something your preferences will meet with satisfaction in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Both of which we should consider when picking out our favourite carry style.

Open and Lock Systems

There are three main types: manual open, automatic open, where you need to pull out the blade before it pops out of its socket (like most pocket knives), or semi-automatic, which takes some effort but not as much pressure on your hands due in part by how quickly they spring free.

The three most common open and lock systems are a manual knife that requires two hands, a semi-automatic system in which you have to slightly pull out the blade before popping it out fully, or an automatic one where pushing on a button does all of the work.

Blade Size

Pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes, but whether or not they’re legal where you go can depend on blade length (the shorter, the better) and weight. Larger blades won’t work for light tasks like trimming your nails with this guy; smaller ones will suffice best due to their size.

Pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s important to consider more than just blade length when purchasing. The size of the knife also matters; smaller blades work best for light tasks, while larger ones excel at heavy-duty jobs without the risk of getting banned wherever you go.

We recommend choosing between medium or large-sized tools to avoid being caught off guard with legal issues depending on where in the world that life is located – this will give them enough flexibility no matter what they’re doing at home.

Knife Material

There are two main types of blade material, carbon steel and stainless steel. Both offer advantages depending on your needs, but knowing the difference is essential to pick an option that best suits what you’re cooking up! For example:

Carbon knives will hold their edge longer than any other type while still being easy enough for beginner chefs. They also retain heat and cook more quickly. Using this type over others like cast iron or ceramic coated metals, which take much longer periods before reaching high temperatures necessary when making certain dishes (like searing meat).

Stainless steel series has better conductivity than traditional cutlery, causing less wear-and Metallic knife blades made from brass, molybdenum, aluminium, vanadium, titanium etc.

The Knife Edge

A pocket knife is a handy tool for life on the go when you need something tough, like cutting rope or other materials that would be difficult with ordinary kitchen knives and scissors, get one of those serrated edges instead.

They work great because they have two different types of edges. One sharpens sharper than the other but not as wide, so it will protect whatever’s being cut while still being capable enough when used carefully against hard surfaces such as wood log rounds etc.

If you are still determining what kind suits your needs best, buy both versions. A long-handled hunting type with a plainish side along the upper half near the tip and another with a more decorative rough finish closer towards the handle part is usually found in dressers.

The Knife Handle

You should also consider the handle materials. Bone and wood are classic choices, but you can find pocket knives that use plastic to emulate their style and feel. These offer a more contemporary look than legacy models made from other materials like metal or composite material (a newer design).

Pocket knives are a staple of any man’s everyday carry, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. You have your options: bone or wood for those who prefer their blades as tough as they come, metal with its contemporary polish to reflect ties into modern-day lifestyles even more so than before.

But what about handles? Take this timepiece from Benchmade. It has all three materials in one design–stainless steel blade, carbon fibre body/spine overlap. In addition, the polyurethane handle construction means there will never be an uncomfortable grip no matter how long you’ve been carrying them around today (that is, if we’re talking strictly knife-handled watches).

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