Best Exacto Knife
Best Exacto Knife

An Exacto knife is a very versatile tool that may be used for a range of jobs. We all know that the Exacto knife is used for precision cutting, but other uses for Exacto knives have come up in recent years. Knowing what to look for in an Exacto knife and which Exacto knife would best suit your needs can be a bit of a challenge.

This blog talks about the best Exacto knives. An Exacto knife is a type of knife with a very thin, replaceable blade. These blades are often used by artists, and are sometimes called “art knives.”

The blades are very thin and very sharp, making them easy to use to make fine cuts, especially when cutting paper or cardstock, It can be used to cut, sculpt and trim a lot of different materials.

Exacto knives are used by hobbyists, crafters, DIYers, and professionals in the art industry and in cutting crafts. Here are the top five best Exacto knives that you can use.

Best Budget Exacto Knife in 2022

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1. X-Acto XZ3601 Precision Knife

X-Acto’s new XZ3601 Precision Knife is the perfect tool for detailed cutting and trimming projects in crafts, hobbies, and arts & crafts.  X-Acto’s precision knife boasts of Zirconium Nitrate Gold Hue at the blade edge, which is applied on an atomic level after sharpening it.

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip so you can keep your project on track—even if your hands are small or arthritic. This ensures that your blade is made more durable by being sharpened atomically for agile and precise cuts, with no need to sharpen the blade again and again.

Additionally, it comes coated with Zirconium Nitrite to make it firm in order to provide an easy cutting on uneven and difficult surfaces. Unfortunately however this product does not come with an extra set of blades but it is equipped to use a wide range of X-Acto blades as well as any other blades you might want to use.

Changing these blades is also extremely easy thanks to the precision-designed handle which enables you to adapt easily to work on several craft projects quickly and accurately.

  • Can be used to make precise cuts on fabric, thin metal, plastic, and papers.
  • Comes with a safety cap to ensure safe storage and portability.
  • affordable
  • Does not come with extra blades but lasts a long time.

2. Mlife Precision Knife

Mlife Precision Knife

Mlife Precision Knife is the ideal tool if you are looking for a set of different blades. With this set, you might not want to get other blades. But if you need more blades, the handle can be fitted with all X-Actoblades and still work effectively and precisely.

This precision knife is made with stainless steel metal, which is lightweight to ensure that it does not give you a hard time using or carrying it around. The material also enables you to use the knife for a longer time.

Whenever using this knife, you are sure that you are safe since the handle is made with a textured grip to prevent accidental slipping and unnecessary precision will ensure that you have amazing crafts or artwork.

  • Comes as a pack of one handle and 20 sharp blades.
  • Provided with storage cases that enhance safety and easy storage.
  • light weight
  • The blades tend to unscrew and they need to be tightened regularly when working to avoid accidents.

3. Cricut 2005032 Precision Knife

Cricut 2005032 Precision Knife

The Cricut Precision Knife Kit is the ultimate tool that you need to ensure precision and safety when it comes to your art projects. This cutting knife is designed with your safety concerns in mind as it offers a locking mechanism for when making blade changes and an anti-roll design that keeps this cutting knife from rolling if not being used.

The Cricut precision knife makes cutting and shaping cardstock, vinyl, foam board and easier. It features an enhanced blade that provides a smooth cut without tearing or cracking materials.

Unlike other precision knives, the cutting edges in this one will stay sharp for longer due to the high-quality steel used in its construction. The cap on top prevents the knife from wiping out rust or damaging other items when carried around with you in your pocket.

  • Pack includes one knife handle and five extra sharp blades.
  • Equipped with a blade lock system which ensures no touching the blades when switching them.
  • affordable
  • The blades might get dull faster when used on hard materials.

4. Excel Blades K18 Precision Knife

Excel Blades K18 Precision Knife

Excel Blades K18 Precision Knife is designed to be thin and lightweight. The blade has been crafted with high-quality aluminum which makes it sharp, strong, and durable. It’s also pocket-friendly and easy to carry around.

The color of this genius product is unique. From every point of view, it will look and feel better to your eyes. Along with that, for protecting the blade it comes with a plastic lid which makes sure that it does not get cracked when falls accidentally.

The best part is that there are 6 different colors available in the market; so you can choose anyone according to your liking. The body of the knife is made up of aluminum which is lightweight and sturdy at the same time; such that it can be easily carried along while you work on your crafts project without getting tired.

  • Ideal for trimming and precision cutting on papers, wood, film, cloth, and plastics.
  • Equipped with a soft-grip handle. It makes it comfortable to hold even for hours.
  • light weight
  • The package differs a lot.

5. Slice 10580 Precision Knife

Slice 10580 Precision Knife

Slice 10580 Precision Knife is a heavy-duty and durable cutting tool. The slant tip of this knife allows you to cut tight corners with ease. Created for beginners and those who take on craftwork regularly, the Slice Precision Knife will make an excellent addition to your toolbox. It's an extremely lightweight knife that won't get tired of carrying aro

und, unlike some other heavier ones that are metallic. The ceramic blade of the knife is very safe too - providing comfort to your fingers while they're getting acquainted with it while using it in your craftwork.

Unlike other knives, the ergonomics of this knife are also pretty nice and you can use it without having to worry about injuring yourself because it doesn't need a lot of pressure to cut properly.

And as far as portability is concerned, you can definitely trust the size of this knife; with its lightweight body that comes in handy when you're needing something simple yet functional for precision cuts.

  • Easy to switch the blade with no tools.
  • Lightweight. It weighs 0.034 ounces, easy to carry and store.
  • Comes with a safety cap to protect you from cuts when the knife is not in use.
  • The blade is short. This makes it challenging to have deep cuts.

How To Choose Best Exacto Knife in


Size and comfort are both important when considering what precision knife to invest in. It is essential to find a blade that works for you - otherwise, mistakes will be made. And no one wants that!

The ideal knife should always offer the convenience of a comfortable grip, easy handling, and an overall size that makes your work easier to accomplish. Seek these features out for the most professional results.


If you are looking for a versatile knife, choose one that can be used in many ways. It will help you complete tasks with less effort and have more fun with simple things like arts and crafts for example.


A good idea is to consider the number of blades that your knife has. Some knives only have one blade which may restrict you from using just one blade, but most are designed to fit and work with other blades for added versatility.

At the same time, some knives come as a set or “kit” with extra blades, which will cut down your cost if this works out to be less expensive than purchasing additional single-use blades.


Whether an expert or simply beginning in artwork, your perfect precision knife's weight is essential. This is so due to the fact you'll want to be preserving the knife for a greater prolonged-time whilst working.

You would not want a knife this is heavy due to the fact it will likely be tiresome and energy-consuming. Get a lightweight that you may without problems maintain with little attempt for an extended time.


The fabric is vital to test earlier than shopping for a precision knife. It will even decide the sturdiness and effectiveness of the knife. There are one-of-a-kind substances consisting of aluminum, ceramic, or even stainless metal.

The aluminum and metal blades are sharp and might reduce one-of-a-kind surfaces, however, they are able to reason accidents if mishandled. On the opposite hand, the ceramic blades are finger-pleasant and might live for long without getting dull.


When it comes to blade technology, the best Exacto knife is one that is engineered with a high-carbon steel blade. These blades are designed to hold their edge and resist corrosion, so your knife can continue to be a reliable instrument for your craft. In addition to a high-carbon steel blade, you should look for a knife that has a comfortable grip and an ergonomic handle.

This will allow you to use the exact knife for extended periods of time without developing hand fatigue. The handle should also be constructed with a non-slip grip so the knife doesn’t slip out of your hand while you are using it.


What should I do after I purchase the knife?

Now, the question remains – do you need to sharpen your precision knife? The answer is yes! But that’s only if you are using it often or have used it a lot. If you use it less frequently, then you may not need it and can just dispose of it when done.

However, if you use precision knives on a daily basis it would be best to have them sharpened by someone who is capable of doing so in order to maintain your tools within the best possible condition at all times.

What is the safety of the knife?

When you use a precision knife, you can rest assured that it’s completely safe, thanks to the fact that the handles feature texturing for better control over the blade.

The sharpness of these blades ensures little effort is required when slicing, so there’s minimal risk of injury – plus these knives come with a cap for secure storage.

How does a precision knife work?

A precision knife is a very useful type of knife. It can be used to make very fine, precise cuts on both soft and hard surfaces. The blades are usually small and the tools have fixed blades that can't be folded or removed. The most commonly used precision knives are X-Acto Style Knives, Scalpel, and Copic Slicing Style Knife.



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